MOTOMUL’s operation principles

MOTOMUL founders have developed the main principles, used by MOTOMUL employees during their decision-making as well as operation process.

Our operation is based on the current principles which help us to work responsibly and efficiently and provide our customers with the best products and human service before purchasing, during use as well as after warranty periods expiration. 

By saying «WE», we mean the whole MOTOMUL’s team on the one hand as well as every single person working in the Company on the other one. All our principles are «WE»-based, but each of us realizes this principle begins with «I» for each of us separately.

MOTOMUL operation principles are our valuable operation gained during our successful operation, but not just beautiful words. Therefore, all the principles amount provided on the current page will increase as well as will be improved over the next several years.

Principle number 1 - WE are responsible for all related to both our activities and product.

There are lots of various situations while cooperating with our customers and partners, for example required stock list absence, unclear information provision on the website, product damages after warranty period expiration, components timely delivery absence, wrong material provision, etc.

It’s possible to always blame customers, suppliers, information technology, country, time, etc. But we are sure, it makes no sense.

We are responsible for all that happens inside our company and for everything related to our business and our product outside it.

We use every chance to improve our business and become better to provide our customers with the highest quality.