MOTOMUL mini dumper benefits

Уникальные особенности мини думпера Мотомул

The main MOTOMUL mini dumper’s benefits are:

  1. Russian production

Design and technological preparation and production is carried out in Obninsk which is the first Russian Federation science city.

80% of MOTOMUL mini dumper’s complementary items from the best Russian enterprises. We have been engaged in complementary items selection and test for several years.

  1. 3 year warranty

The current warranty allows us to provide the following complementary items:

  • high-quality materials
  • high-quality complementary items
  • responsible production

We use original complementary items from the proven suppliers. We have signed long-term purchase and service contracts with them. Imported complementary items have long and consistently supplied to our country’s market.

 We use responsible approach the each our product production as well as ensure high quality while using laser cutting and powder painting.

  1. Large safety margin

MOTOMUL mini dumper has been designed with a large safety margin while being then successfully tested. We use a solid welded frame with a wall thickness of 3 mm unlike competitors.

Monoblock (gearbox), which transmits rotation to the drive axle through semi-axes with integrated half-differentials, is located inside. The power unit, located at the back, transmits the rotation to the monoblock while using a double belt drive for this.

Multiple safety margin is provided by the wheel bearings on axles with a dynamic load-carrying capacity of up to 25.5 kN per wheel.

  1. Unique design

We have developed a unique trapezoidal body shape, which significantly facilitates unloading.

All this provides an opportunity instantly unload the dump body, without releasing the mini dumper from the hands.

  1. Compact size

High load capacity and throughput combined with a compact mini dumper. The width of 740 mm provides an opportunity to drive through the doorway. The height is designed the appropriate way to fully enter the station wagon.

MOTOMUL mini dumper’s compact size makes it indispensable while working in cramped conditions and rooms.

  1. High maneuverability and throughput

Semi-differentials are installed on the front MOTOMUL mini dumper axle. The wheels rotate independently of each other in the rear part. While being combined with a compact size, it makes it easy to rotate and deploy the MOTOMUL mini dumper in one place.

4x4 wheel drive provides movement on any surface and climb the steps.

  1. Convenient operation

Clear MOTOMUL mini dumper control allows to learn the way to work with it in short periods and doesn’t require any special skills. It’s easy to start the engine due to convenient starting handle location.

  1. Operational technical support and service

Both customer support and service center are located in Russian Federation and are available 24/7. We provide a prompt warranty issues solution, post-warranty consultation as well as spare parts support.