Mechanize manual labor right now! MOTOMUL will increase your operation efficiency by 2-3 times!


Motomul helped the janitors to clean Obninsk’s streets


Motomul came to clear snow from tracks and sidewalks in Obninsk. Motomul is produced in science city. Machines are intended for street cleaning while being mobile, economical, requiring little gasoline as well as able to reach any building.

Sergey V. Mokrov, MOTOMUL company’s founder, won «Entrepreneur of 2018» award


Sergey V. Mokrov, MOTOMUL company’s founder, won «Entrepreneur of 2018» award in the Industry nomination on February 2, 2019. The company’s including Sergey V. Mokrov’s, its founder’s achievements were awarded.

MOTOMUL became «General-purpose engines» company’s partner, HONDA engines’ official distributor in the Russian Federation


HONDA engines are actively used in mini dumpers production. The partnership between MOTOMUL and «General-purpose engines» provides our customers with a higher service level as well as certain unique benefits.

MOTOMUL became «Kaluga Business 2018» prestigious business award winner


«Kaluga Business 2018» prestigious company awarded its winners. Inna Evsina, who is the honorary award guest as well as expert council’s member and Kaluga Region Entrepreneurs Association’s head, provided Yury Safronov, MOTOMUL company’s Development Director, with the award in «Mechanical Engineering» category.

MOTOMUL helps workers to clean Spas-Demensk’s streets


MOTORMUL is a real hard-worker. MOTORMUL was bought by the district administration for the municipal service specifically to clean the streets, according to Valery Solovyov, housing and utilities brigade’s member. - Workers have already estimated its both mobility and economical maintenance. It is not required to use the cumbersome technique, usually accompanied by workers during the cleaning and burn gasoline - a compact five liters engine is able to work all day long. It is able to reach any building, drive along the pavement and squares paths, collect garbage from lawns as well as quickly sprinkle footpaths in the winter. It’s rather convenient equipment.

MOTOMUL is «Kaluga field’s day 2017» advanced agriculture technologies exhibition-demonstration’s participant


MOTOMUL took part in «Kaluga field’s day 2017» advanced agriculture technologies exhibition-demonstration, which took place on June 23 and 24, 2017. MOTOMUL mini dumpers were highly estimated by Anatoly D. Artamonov, Kaluga Region Governor. «The current tool is one of the most required in the city» phrase became one of the most popular – «This is a valuable thing for both region and city!»