Mechanize manual labor right now! MOTOMUL will increase your operation efficiency by 2-3 times!


You have a great opportunity to become our official partner and represent MOTOMUL trademark product in your region.

We’ll help you to resolve the most important issues:

  1. provide affiliate prices-based price list.
  2. encourage customers who live in your region to contact you
  3. post your company’s info on website
  4. conduct required technical and business training.
  5. provide printed and electronic marketing materials for promotion.
  6. help to organize our products delivery
  7. provide consulting support in our cooperation process.

The following partnership options are available:

  1. MOTOMUL products promotion and sale partner
  2. MOTOMUL products service partner
  3. MOTOMUL products sale and service partner

It’s required to perform the following actions in order to become MOTOMUL partner:

  1. Submit a request to or call +7 (495) 22 78 555
  2. Sign a partnership agreement
  3. We recommend to buy one Motomul with a complete additional equipment set for each sales point. This is extremely useful for product demonstration to potential buyers, but not a requirement
  4. You’ll need to buy spare parts which are subject to wear during operation if you are going to provide Motomul equipment service.

MOTOMUL partners team is constantly expanding. We provide comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Join now!