Mechanize manual labor right now! MOTOMUL will increase your operation efficiency by 2-3 times!


You have an opportunity to pay the following ways:

  1. Cash upon the goods receipt from the warehouse.
  2. Make a bank transfer:
    • For individuals. A receipt will be sent to your email - you can pay it at any bank.
    • For legal entities. Both contract and an invoice for payment, which can be paid at any bank’s department, will be sent to your email.
  3. Cash on delivery upon the goods receipt.
  4. In another way, convenient for you.


  1. Those prices, being listed on the website include the product cost, including taxes.
  2. The fee amount for bank transfer depends on the bank and is paid by the buyer.
  3. The deposit amount is 5 000 rubles upon the goods delivery by MOTOMUL.
  4. The deposit amount is 20 000 rubles upon the goods delivery by the transport company.
  5. The amount that is paid as a deposit is deducted from the total order cost.